Who is Anne Martine?

Creativity is an essential part of my life. I feel at my best when I am creating. I remember my childhood as a phase in which I was always painting, drawing, handcrafting and building things. After my bed time, I often stepped out of bed again to create things. This could be anything, even a room make-over in the late evening. I always started to become more active during the evening.

This has not changed over the years. I still get active when it is late at night, but I will not start to make a painting, because I need daylight for that. What I can do without daylight, since we have such nice little “light rooms” on our mobile phones, is editing pictures that I have made earlier. When I traveled to and from work by train I started to make and edit my “Trainscape” photos.

I am also fascinated by nature in all its facets. Capturing natures’ scenes is one of my favorite subjects. I did have a phase of bringing symmetry into nature photos. The effect symmetry has on the picture is almost of alien beauty and it would look stunning on an album cover. You can see examples of these pictures in “Artificial” under Images and if you are interested in seeing more of these, you can connect with me on Facebook or Instagram (see buttons below).

I once called myself a “chromaphile” because I love colors, especially the brightest ones. My photos and some of my paintings are saturated with color. Even my bags and other things I have made are very colorful. It would be a challenge to start working with subtle colors or only one color at a time. Maybe I will someday…

Yggdrasil, Tree of life, 70 x 90 cm aquarell on canvas, 2018 SOLD!